Thursday, June 26, 2008


For those of you who could not attend our free classes on the weekend; we will have them on select Wednesdays and Thursdays. What I love about these classes is that the instruction is free and you only pay for the materials!

Please call to register. These free workshops fill up fast!


Make a necklace that makes a statement!

By combining beads and different cords, you will make a unique addition to your summer wardrobe.

Approximate value $26.00

Wednesday July 2 5:30 - 6:30

(I will post a picture of this necklace soon.)

Kid's Beading Adventures!

So we have to decided to add some kid's classes to our summer class schedule. These classes are open to boys and girls! Check them out to find a great summer activity for your child.

Wonder Beads!

Create one of a kind polymer clay beads to jazz up your back pack or wear as jewelry. Make them, bake them, and string them up! Now you have a special piece of jewelry!

Ages 9-12
2 hours
Materials and snack included
Tues. July 15&29

Super Friends Paper Beads!

Bring a friend and make cool paper beads. When you are finished, trade your beads to seal your friendship! Then use your handmade beads with others to create a necklace.

Ages 8-10
2 hours
Materials and snack included
Wed. July16&30

Sparkletastic Bracelet!

Learn a weaving technique to make a gorgeous bracelet! It's SO easy! Choose from lots of different colors to make a bracelet you can wear all summer long.

Ages 9-12
2 hours
Materials and snack included
Tues. July 8&22

Elastic Kids!

Choose from a large variety of animal and fruit beads to make a stretchy bracelet! When you are finished, we will read a bead story.

Ages 5-7
2 hours
Materials and snack included
Wed. July9&30

Come in and check out the samples of the projects your child will create!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ah, summer...

Hey, seems like the last two weeks got away from us. Summer has finally hit, the weather is great and everyone is out planting their gardens. Well now it's time to get back to the bead store and make your summer jewelry! Our new class schedule is out. Yeah! You can view it on our website,, or pick up a copy in the store. We have some great guest instructors joining us this session. Hannah Rosner is coming in all the way from Taos, New Mexico to teach several incredible classes. You can view pictures of her class samples on the web or view the actual pieces in the store. Here's a peek:

This is a picture of her embroidered cuff. So cool! Hannah is a great instructor. Be sure to sign up early as space is limited.

Karen Ovington is going to be teaching her famous crocheted rope in July, and Deb will be teaching Beginning PMC and Viking Knit this session, too. Lots of fun. That's all for now more later. Bye!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bead and Button Blast!

Well, I said I'd go to the Bead & Button show just to "look around." But of course, that didn't happen. After spending 9 hours on my feet, "just looking" turned into lot of beads! I found a great selection of wood beads, perfect for summer.
Then I ran into a bunch of beautiful semi precious beads that I had to have! Tourmaline, Ametrine, Peanut agate, Brazil Opalite, Rubies, Lepidocrocite in quartz, Shiva eye beads, to name just a few. I thought it was about time we spruced up the cases with special beads for the summer.

I also found some Thai Silver clasps and pendants, and some cute tool cases that look like purses! Come see all the new beads before they're gone!


Monday, June 9, 2008

Información en español...


A los amantes de las piedras, gemas, cuentas de cristal y vidrio, mostacillas, alambres, etc. Aquí encontrarán los materiales y accesorios para crear sus propias joyas.

Sabía usted que hablamos español?
Pregunte por Ana Pizarro y Diana Ortega.

Cualquier duda que tenga con sus proyectos solo llamenos al siguiente número de teléfono 773 248-9555 o al siguiente correo electrónico
Visítenos en nuestro local ubicado en 3361 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago Il, 60657

Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer is FINALLY HERE!!!!

As you may all well know, I am from the I love summertime! A HUGE selection of new semi-precious beads arrived yesterday and I am SO excited. We have always done alot with chain here at Caravan Beads of Chicago and I am making it one of my summer's goals to show people the possibilities out there using different fibers and come in and check out some of my projects! Hopefully they will inspire your summer wardrobe!

Caravan Beads of Chicago

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My first blog....

Well, I never thought I'd be doing this. Blog, blog, blog, what the heck is that? As most of you know, it's a great way to communicate with your friends, and make new friends! And it's an easy way to keep you up to date on all the happenings at Caravan Beads. So, I'm taking the plunge...and I'm dragging Crissy and Ana with me! We'll try to send you posts whenever we get new merchandise, and whenever we have something fun to tell you. (I'm just winging it here...) I just got a new camera, so I'm hoping I can take some decent photos to post. That's the plan anyways.

First, a bit about myself. Some of my oldest customers know me, most of the newer ones don't. I started Caravan back in the old days...1994 to be exact, with my husband, Dan. Since then, we've added more space, moved once, added lots, and lots of beads, changed our haircolor several times, and added more cats (yes, cats) to our stash. A few of my babies are at the top of the page. I couldn't figure out how to move them! I do have a few more.....
I, too am a crazy crafter like alot of you. I love all things crafty...beads, yarn, paper, stamping, collage, glassworking, you name it, I've either tried it or want to try it. My "stash" continues to grow.
I spend my time at both Caravan and our sister store, Briolette Beads and More in Forest Park. You'll find a bit more of the crafty stuff there. I would have done yarn, too but there's a great little knit shop two doors down. So, enough about me for now.

Let's see, what's new???

We just received a shipment of chain, so most of our styles are back in stock. Delicas, seed beads and bugles have been arriving weekly to fill all the blank spots on the walls. If you haven't seen our cool natural pendants from the Phillipines, be sure to check them out. They're made of bamboo and shell and are very unusual. We now have a small selection of Rivolis for you crazy seed beaders. And we've just received another shipment of semi-precious strands and pendants.

So, I will end this post promising you pictures very, very soon (like tomorrow I hope). I am a bit of a rambler, so you are warned.